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Multidisciplinary Evaluations

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Through the Early Intervention Program or EIP parents are able to have their children evaluated at no out of pocket cost to families who have concerns with any area of their child’s development.

The agency will assign state approved licensed professionals to conduct an overall assessment of the child’s development. The evaluation team may consist of one or more individuals who will address the parent’s concerns with their child’s development. The evaluation team will assess the child’s cognitive, physical, social, and communication skills and their overall adaptive behavior.

Based upon this assessment evaluators can either suggest further evaluation or determine if child is eligible to receive services through the EIP. Eligibility can only be determined by state approved evaluators who are under contract with the municipality. The full assessment report will be sent to the family, Initial Service Coordinator, and the Early Intervention Program.

If your child is found eligible for the EIP, all services your child will receive are determined in collaboration with the parents at the IFSP meeting and will be authorized by a designated municipality representative (EIOD).

Your on-going Service Coordinator will help arrange for service provider based upon the services that are authorized taking into consideration the individual needs of the child and family. If services will be delivered in any child care or community locations that require a fee, the parent is responsible for paying any associated costs for the child care and/or community location.

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